Friday, September 21, 2012

Boho Babes- Bohemian Fall Fashion

m- Part two. Alexa finally made her way back to London last week and I'm certainly having some withdraws with this one over the pond. It's so crazy that the three of us were together a month ago and now we are spread out from Ohio to North Carolina to the great UK. Plum craziness. Good thing we snapped some pitchas prior! Alexa and Dina we're channeling their inner-hippie today and the kids really done good. Sometimes hippie, boho can be translated poorly but these girls have such great taste that this certainly wasn't an option. Alexa and Dina's gorgeous Middle Eastern roots are as colorful and beautiful as their outfits today. 
True beauty, true friendship.
Boho done right, right? These skirts are killer. The rich colors, and heavy draping are to die for. Dina and Alexa compensated for the heavy bottoms with light tops. Perfect compliments. 
This phenomenal top is a vintage piece from Alexa's super fashionable, and ridiculously beautiful, mother's closet. Both Dina and Alexa have RIDICULOUSLY beautiful mothers and clearly they passed down some good genes. There is a glorious flare at the elbow, courtesy of the 70's and I still cant get over how much I love this is definitely a new color combination, and I am all for the pink, black, and asian influence. 
Double beauty. 
These girls know how to accessorize. Glad I got an invite to this arm party. Michael Kors, David Yurman, Evil Eyes, and many more are partying it up. You really can't have too much on your arms. Pile it on. Live a little. You only live once.
We wrapped up the day with some chill time by Alexa's pool. It is crazy how in-tune these best friends are. A wonderful pair. These cool, crisp colors are relaxing and beautiful on these two. 
Red lips are an accessory too. Red lips are bold but...go bold or go home.
With a peak of a feather....I'm sold.

A fun afternoon of fashion with the ladies. 

Because we're obsessed. 


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