Thursday, September 20, 2012

School Daze. Pre-Fall Fashion with American Apparel

 m- These puppies were taken a couple of weeks ago and totally got lost in the abyss. But not to fear, Alex and Rhiannon...they are here. It is a rare, but happy day when my sister and I get to see each other between our ridiculously busy schedules, so this week was definitely a special treat. Rhiannon and I made a little road trip from Raleigh to Fayetteville to Wilmington and had a glorious time in town. Since our reunions are rare, we have to squeeze some picture time in. So, we called the super fashionable Alex on over to Courtney's summer estate, most commonly known as "Rogersville," and snapped some pictures in our back-to-school-esque outfits. 
 Fall is just seconds away from exploding out of our closets. It is always a treat to break out the boots and sweaters, scarves and knits and I know everyone is ready for this time of year. In our beach town, the cold air takes just a little bit longer to sweep in, so we satisfy our fall desires via color pallets. Alex and I are wearing vintage deep primaries in corduroy and knit, paired with short boots-both donned with denim. Boots are from Topman and Urban Outfitters. This is a nice transition before jeans and pants dominate the scene. 
 Rhiannon is perfect. I love her choice of prints today. Both of these guys have their bookbags ready to GO. Stylish School-kids. A GREAT break from the college slum of sweatpants and hoodies. 
 This dress was a score from a shopping trip with our grandmother, also known as Boobah. Boobah was a fashionista of her time as you can see from an old F&P post, "Vintage Glam." Boobah picked a good one. LOVE this dress. 
 School Kidz. 
 Last pop of bright color, before the fall pallet comes to town. Rhiannon got this dress from the same shopping trip, courtesy of Boobah. Gold Jeffrey Campbells finish the look and Alex is wearing a lovely pink tank from American Apparel

A great day with some great people. School days may be long, but fall is just around the corner. 

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious 

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