Tuesday, February 18, 2014

80s Prints and Cheese Puffs

Prints. Love me a good print. Endless possibilities. 
Another quickie in the loft today with Kealro. ;)
Kealro bought this print at American Apparel yesterday and I'm in love love. 
The red roses are a little rock and roll and I digggg it. I'm feeling a little Guns & Roses. 
Maybe some Grateful Dead.  Totally a Kealro shirt. 
Per usual, black accessories make the print pop even more. 
My print today is suuuuper 80s. 
The accents of teal, pink, orange, and purple should have tipped you off. 
I especially love the random gold pots and occasional newspaper found hidden in the print. 
What were you on 80s?
Both Kealro and my shirt's are made of super soft silk. Again...super 80s. AH I love this shirt!!! 
I wore my little gold Casio watch (from American Apparel)
with this shirt if you can see it down there on the left. 
I only have a few more months in this warehouse and we gotta ENJOY our prints. 
LIVE with our prints. 
Eat cheese puffs with our prints. 
We've got a great thing going, this warehouse and I. 
We love our prints in it. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious. 

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