Sunday, February 9, 2014

Best Vintage Shops in Brooklyn: 10ft Single by Stella Dallas

Located just a few blocks from the ever-popular Bedford Ave, 10 ft Single is the place to shop for vintage clothing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Similar to it's East Village sister store, Stella Dallas, 10ft single's walls, ceilings, and floors are packed with glorious vintage pieces for both men and women. Their extremely extensive collection has landed 10ft Single on Brooklyn's best vintage lists since it opened five years ago. If you are a vintage junkie, it would be a disservice not to visit this ultra-hip gem located right in the heart of Williamsburg. 

10 ft Single's collection represents every era imaginable. One can find a full collection of 80s band t-shirts, a rack of WW2 military jackets, and a room full of vintage dresses from the 20s to today. Easily organized by color, era, and size, 10ft Single is surprisingly easy to navigate. Often it is difficult to find what you need at a thrift store but here, it is certainly not the case. Need a floor-length fur from the 20s? Allow a super-trendy employee to lead you to the fur room of course! 
10 ft Single is divided into two main rooms. The first room is dedicated to hats, boots, jewelry, and the bulk of the women's vintage dress collection. In the rear, one can find the "American Vintage Room." 
If you are looking for Levis denim, broken-in boots, American varsity jackets, vintage hunting gear, old cable-knit sweaters, or US military garments, you will never leave the American Vintage Room at 
10 ft Single. Classic, vintage American is an aesthetic Williamsburg locals wonderfully embody on the streets of Brooklyn. The location of this shop couldn't be more appropriate.  

Next time you are in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by 10 ft Single on North 6th and Metropolitan Ave. We promise you will enjoy what they have in store. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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