Tuesday, February 4, 2014

You Keep Me Young

m- My friends Mickey and James Dean were SCREAMING at me the other day. 
It's been cold and they haven't got out of the house in months. 
After many pleas from the both the mouse and the studly Dean, I called Kealro to come join us for a roof party.  
I'm not a HUGE fan of the printed tee, but you've got to have a few good ones in the wardrobe. Sometimes you need to youth it up a bit.
I loved putting these outfits together. 
Kealro wore this Mickey Mouse sweater that I got in a thrift shop off Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco last spring. I especially love the vintage color scheme and color blocking of this sweatshirt. 
It makes Mickey Pop. The best way to wear a crazy top it to put it with an all-black bottom. Alex wore his standard black Dr. Martens with his black jeans and skinny belt from American Apparel. 
My mom found me this vintage tee from an estate sale last summer. Obvi a favorite. And it's vintage soft. I paired James Dean with a denim button-up and red skinny belt from American Apparel. 
My pants of choice today were these bombbbb paint-splattered jeans. When I put this outfit together I was totally channeling artist loft and having my Demi in Ghost moment. I laced up my super-hightop Converses and the look was complete. I'll have Patrick Swayze in my arms in no time. 
So you finally got out of the house for a while Mickey. 
You too my boyfriend. (I only smile for James Dean) 

Play around with the printed tees. They keep you young. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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