Wednesday, March 21, 2012

pleated & pointed colorful daze.

Meet Keally.
We first met each other in our Women's Studies literature class. I would always have her look over my papers because of her fiercely accurate editing skills.  
Keally also has a great style and colorful tattoos.  Her house, downtown Wilmington, and a quick bike ride on a truly gorgeous day provided us the perfect opportunity to capture Keally's style and what it's like living in downtown Wilmington.
Pleated skirts are such a great trend continuing into this spring.  A nude color like this one is adorably paired with a black bow. I am such a huge fan of blazers and the ivory color + lace is a lovely mixture she found at Forever 21.  You don't need a heel when you're pairing with shoes that have a pointed toe! Pointy toes are back and hopefully to stay because they naturally elongate the legs. They also pair well with the point of her cat eye sunglasses. Enough from me, Keally is going to take over.

The downtown scene definitely emits a funkier vibe than the College Road area and has inspired me to visit the downtown thrift stores more. 
Kelsey at The Wonder Shop treated me wonderfully when I went to look for vintage vests! And bolder looks just fly more freely on Front and Grace, so take this upcoming spring season to mix patterns, add some neutral laces in your closet, and pair a pleat with denim. 
The more bold, the more beautiful.

Have we mentioned enough how much we adore buns? Try a double bun with a twist...bobby pins are the easiest to control your mane and achieve the classic bun(s).

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