Sunday, April 22, 2012

men's fashion: no longer a dying breed

Alex is precious in every way, especially his style. Although I haven't been able to capture his unique aesthetic YET, I am certain there will be photo shoots in the near future. Alex has an Andy Warhol feel- as his instagram so rightfully deems Alex as a "lover of nostalgia, Warhol, & simplicity." Couldn't have said it better myself. ANYWAY today we have a little bit for the guys. Guys are always left behind in the fashion department but lemme tell you....we're working on it gents. I assure you. 

Color!!!! Still loving us some color at Fresh and Precious. Pinks and teals scream good 'ole colorful fun and this vintage Wrangler button down is a fantastic linear display of these fresh colors. Love the western style and color combo. 
Mustaches are hip. Graphic tees are hip. Vintage wear is hip. And this shirt is for sale. (and super 15 bucks affordable.) Love this kitschy tee. 
70's prints are very distinct. This printed button up displays this great 70s print and is super light and comfortable to wear. 
This guy is another example of wonderful vintage western. The details on the pocket give this piece a unique shape. Love the gold pinstripe with shiny black snaps. SUCH a great piece for men. You'll see this guy in our fashion show. 
This Clockwork Orange vintage tee shirt is super soft and wonderful to wear. I've had this guy since high school and I found it at a yard sale in Raleigh. I think this shirt goes great with this AWESOME vintage denim vest from Guess. Of course from the Lori Wyatt Vintage Collection, this piece is one of a kind. This kind of denim you can't get anywhere...especially with this leather detail on the front. LOVE THIS PIECE. 

Start adding some unique pieces to your wardrobe boys. We know there isn't always a lot to choose from but once you start adding one-of-a-kinds...people will start to notice. 

Like what you see? Hollatchaboi. 
Because we're obsessed. 
Fresh and Precious

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