Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seeing Spots with Polka Dots

Polka dots. A pop of fun. A sea of spots. Trendy little devils, these Polka dots are everywhere in every kind of way. Lori Wyatt Vintage is seeing dots and brings the vintage to 2012 trends. Courtney and I haven't had too much time to blog together lately so we definitely wanted to seize the day and take some fun shots down by the inter coastal...a place I've always wanted to shoot. Luckily, Lindsay could join the fun under the Spanish moss and Wilmington's afternoon sun. Spring time welcomes this lovely purple color (a super trendy color at that) and these two one-of-a-kind 60's dresses from Lorri Wyatt's vintage collection. The McGovern sisters couldn't have worn them better. 

So much to talk about. FIRST check out Courtney's new Jefferey Campbells...these are ridiculously "precious." More of these white beauties to come. Please note the McGovern sister's complementing cat eye glasses. Each their own style and personality. 
I love this black and white dress with a fresh orange floral pattern that is noticeably vintage because of it's unique print. A yellow belt from Court's closet cinches Lindsay's waist right where it needs to be. Looking good Lindsay. 
Court's turn. Again...those shoes. Jefferey Campbell really just knows. You know? Now look at the  shape of this dress. Pleated at the bottom and cut mid-arm, this dress is already something like we haven't seen. The collar is what really does it for me. Perfectly pointed and complementing of the neckline, this fun collar is the peter pan collar but better. Thank you Lori for this puppy. 
Wikipedia graciously informed me that-"Polka dots..leaving us to suspect there is a connection linking the pattern to the dance. Instead, the name was settled upon merely because of the dance's popularity at the time the pattern became fashionable. Many other products and fashions of the era also adopted the polka name." Who knew?"
Primary colors come first. These three pieces are a great example of how men can color block and a great way is to use primary colors. This vintage yellow Lacoste cardigan was a preppy touch to the outfit. American prep doesn't stray from short shorts and these fire engine red shorts look great with my ultra light shirt from Bershka in Barcelona. This was a great, cool outfit for the upcoming summer weather. 

Wanna know the best part of all of this? You can buy these. Just call us. We've got you covered. Also, don't forget to check out what else Lori Wyatt Vintage has to offer. 
Now you can see spots. 
Because we're obsessed. 
Fresh and Precious

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