Friday, April 6, 2012

pretty in pastels- vintage spring fashion

m- Happy Easter weekend folks. So...what first comes to mind when you think of Easter? For me, it's fresh flowers, vibrant colors, new life, Springtime...the list goes on. Why not use these fantastic words when describing your wardrobe? Celebrate this time of the year! Color is exploding in the fashion industry and I am certain that will not change anyyyy time soon so take advantage of this color craze and paint yourselves in pastels of pinks, blues, greens, and purples. These unique vintage dresses from Lori Wyatt's Collection are some like we've never seen before and totally encompass spring through color and precious details so take a look!
This green gem has an awesomely unique pattern with white details and a cut flattering to all. A spring-time Masters dress indeed. 
This powder blue dress is precious. The bust of the dress is wrapped in floral lace and we love the graphic shape. Again, a truly unique vintage dress courtesy of Lori Wyatt. So Mad Men. 
Yellow and pink are never far from Springtime. Carissa has on a lovely yellow dress above with a flattering waist and stitched floral detail on the bottom. This tweed pink ensemble below is one of my favorite things this season. Totally channeling precious 60's in pink, this two-piece would fit right in on Chanel's runway this season. Awesome. 
Spring fashion in pink. 
Don't forget purple. 
Two more of my favorite dresses I've seen in a longggggg time. This floral dress above has sheer sleeves and vibrant colors so fantastically bright that I can't take my eyes off of it. The shape is flattering, the colors are out of this world, and the details are even more the better. What's not to love? 
This ombre dress is genius and Carissa's ombre hair couldn't be a better fit. The teals and blues and purples in this dress are so pleasing to the eye but the lace layering is even more ridiculous. With a perfect fade to the bottom of the dress and a precious bow in the middle to top it off, this dress is PERFECT for Spring. 

Again, celebrate those colors! We waited all winter to don them so get on it! Happy Spring time!

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious. 

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