Sunday, April 1, 2012

A wee bit more Mad Men inspired fashion.

c- Vintage.  Another peek at some of the amazing dresses we played with from Lori Wyatt's collection.  Inspired by Mad Men, these outfits exude quality and class.  This truly was an eye opening experience during our Charleston trip. 
Vintage dresses fit a woman's body in an impressing fresh way with a touch of sexiness.  
The perfect backdrop, fabulous dresses, and Michael's photography tactics captured this fashion filled afternoon in it's entirety.
*side note: who knew green shoes were so versatile!? It's on my to-do list to find a pair!
Lace, bows, collars, sleeves, and cinched waists.
Gimme gimme. 
I am in awe by the Mad Men inspired fashion and how flattering the dresses are.
Carissa's ombré hair teams with these dresses for a modern twist.
We love Mad Men. We love vintage fashion. We love Lori Wyatt.

Because we're obsessed.

Fresh and Precious 

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