Monday, January 27, 2014

El Diablo Blanco in Black

I met this Olsen twin at Amare Pare the first day I started working at the flagship by NYU. 
We fell in love at first sight. 
Spencer doesn't give AF. And that's why we love him. 

I knew I wanted to take pictures of Spencer since I met him at AA...
but in between sweatshop (free) hours at Amarepare, and everything else life, it never happened.
Today we took it to Bed-Stuy. 
I love Spencer's style because it is exactly the opposite of my own style. Black. So much black.
 Black like Spencer's soul. 
But look how pretty he is.
A canvas. A muse. A Vampire. 
Just kidding he's not a vampire. OR El Diablo Blanco, like his fellow neighbors call him. 
 He does wear a shit ton of black though. 
But I love it and I get it completely. 
When I lived in Barcelona, black was it. All I wore. BLACK. 
Eventually, I had to purge myself of all things black (for mental sanity, nothing personal black). 
But black works. It's flattering on almost all accounts. It's chic. It's classic and futuristic. It's black. 
Black is for Spencer. And it looks freaking great on him. 

I'm getting back on black. New York will eventually eat me up in it's dark BLACK hole, but for now, I am introducing black one piece at a time. FINE NEW YORK I'LL WEAR YOUR BLACK. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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