Friday, January 24, 2014

Super Fly with Superdry

No matter how much I want to deny it, I have crossed the threshold of adolescence into adulthood. Gross. 
However unappetizing this reality is, there is still much to look forward to. 
Unsurprisingly, I am anticipating the clothes the most. There is not more attractive than a grown man with a grown wardrobe. Can I get an amen?
Building your wardrobe up to dapper-status takes time and a little bit of thought,
but the FIRST place to start your journey to manhood, is the suit jacket. 
Where does one get a good jacket? We'll tell you. 
The super trendy Superdry is HUGE in the UK and is totally diving into the streets stateside. 
We love them. The UK is always front-lining trends and street style and Superdry is no exception. Definitely take a look at their site and what they have for both men and women. 

Superdry has recently partnered with British tailor, Timothy Everest, and is giving us classic looks that are perfect for the well-dressed modern gentleman. A great way to ease yourself into maturity is to throw a casual sport coat over a casual outfit. I LOVE a good t-shirt, jeans, and tweed jacket look as shown above. I would wear either of these outfits in a second. Throw some boots with your outfit, and you've stepped into the next level. It's that easy folks. 
Want to class it up even more? Superdry is giving us a different silhouette with this longer suit-jacket. I love a long jacket in the winter. This jacket is just a few inches longer than a standard cut, but the effect on the body is great. I also love the deep winter colors in this outfit. Deep maroon and dark navy are rich colors that are great for this time of year. I have a maroon suit jacket that I pair with emerald chords and brown boots which look FAB and has a similar feel as what Superdry has going on above. 
This suit is the reason why I am fine with entering a world of maturity. 
How sexy is a tailored suit on a man? How sexy is this suit? 
Every man needs a tailored suit he wants to go anywhere in life. 
I think this gray number is a perfect starter suit. It is both young and mature, while being light and structured. I need this Superdry. I'll send you my measurements. 

The time will come to every man when he must accept his age and buy a suit jacket. I'd advise this moment to come sooner than later. This investment will open more doors than you would ever think. Check out Superdry and the kick-ass jackets they have for all modern men. 
You'll be a dapper gentleman in no time. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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