Thursday, January 2, 2014

Street Style: American Apparel

I love these girls so much. They are REAL in every sense of the word. Working at American Apparel has exposed me to some beautiful people but these two are the most. They deserve to be seen. 
Today Lorraine (left) and Bria (right) came out to Williamsburg to get some shots for American Apparel. We are determined to get them on a billboard. Love this mustard long sleeve turtleneck on their beautiful skin. YES please. 
Bria is Tina Turner but better. 
Lorraine is rocking the light wash 100s from AA. I literally wear these more than any other article of clothing I own. The FIT is fanTASTIC. The high waist flatters all...and your butt looks oh so fantastic. 
Lorraine is an African goddess. 

Obsessed with American Apparel's basics. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 

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