Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No Print Left Behind

PRINTS. Love em. Live for em. 
Today Kearlo and I had a little kiki and ventured under the tracks for some pics. 
Alex and I have a lot of crazy prints that need to be shot, so it was time to jump on it. 
This is one of my favorite vintage prints I own. There are leopards, zebras, and the occasional elephant. I LOVE the details of this top. Ten Dollars. Goodwill. HELLO. 
Also, see the little bolo tie I've got there? Found this Chevy bolo on the floor of my warehouse in Williamsburg. On the floor. It came to me via immaculate fashion conception. I will never take it off. 
Alex's print of choice is this fab mix of colors from American Apparel. The color pallet is wonderfully warm with eggplant, olive green, orange, and details of brown. Love this print. 
Kearlo's OOTD. 
Alex paired his print with this BOMB maroon leather Member's Only. I envy Alex every time he wears this. Perfect for this time of year. That color though....
I paired my animal party with my favorite article of clothing of all time- my 100's from American Apparel. I literally don't take off these light-washed jeans. The high waist does me GOOD. And the camel toe is for everyone! I accessorized with American Apparel fingerless gloves, black skinny belt, and black boots from Urban. 
Williamsburg always gives us life. 

Loving the prints of the day. Remember that no print is too crazy. No print left behind. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious

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