Monday, January 6, 2014

Rainy day in Dumbo

m- Every day Kealro and I venture into the city to take pictures, it rains. Is this metaphorical to our friendship Kealro? Today there was an ominous cloud over the city of Manhattan but we were far from discouraged. One must know how to dress for any weather in NYC. It takes time, but with a little preparation, you can TOTALLY win against the weather....or at least be dry when it's wet. 
Dumbo was our location of choice for the day. I fucking love dumbo. The cobblestone roads, the old warehouses converted to art galleries, the view of the city across the Hudson. Dumbo WINS. 
So Kealro is wearing a nice comfy outfit from American Apparel. His dark purple velvet sweatshirt looks perfect with a nice little peek of denim at the collar. 
Black American Apparel jeans and Doc Martens are Alex's staple this time of year. You cant go wrong with a good foundation of black. Makes outfit choices easy. 
I threw this outfit together minutes before I walked out the door and I ended up really loving it. My maroon corduroy pants are a pair of Levis I got at Urban Outfitters years ago and the camel turtle neck I paired with them is an old sweater of my grandfathers. Camel is my jam in the fall and winter sooooo this turtle was MINE as soon as I saw it. 
This army green jacket was found deeeeeeep in the mountains of West Virginia at a fellow Goodwill. It is American made from WW2....I mean what? The details of this jacket are patriotic and plentiful. I especially love the star buttons and thick belt around the waist. Great find Goodwill. (only $15 bucks) 
Alex wore this outfit for two second but I still got a little snappy. Alex is sporting a primary red mock neck and gray fisherman sweater, both from American Apparel. 
My accessories today are also from American Apparel. I loveeeee these tortoise shell frames and any color beanie from AA is fantastic. Today mine was maroon. 
Keeping the same turtle neck/cable knit theme, I changed into this vintage LeTigre sweater I found at a vintage shop in Asheville, North Carolina with a mustard mock-neck from American Apparel. 
Nice and warm in Dumbo today. 

Rainy days can be fun when you prepare. 

Because we're obsessed. 

Fresh and Precious 


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